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VOICES, sing duets, interchange voices, sing with CD-music

KaraokeKanta version 4 includes a UNIQUE system with what you can hear a second soundfile at the same time as the song plays.

This system has several aplications, the most important are:

  • To sing a song with a voice at the background to learn and improve the song
  • To sing a song together with another voice and record a duet
  • To make your own chorus and/or second voice
  • To sing together with the music and the voice of an originel CD
  • To create virtual music groups with friends

The Voices System uses the next panel to configurate:

To every installed song in Karaokekanta you can add one or more files, the files you can use can be in the next formats: .mp3 .wav o .wma

Once added and selected the file from the Voices Folder, pushing Play in KaraokeKanta you will be able to hear in a syncronized way the selected file, and you will be able to modify the volume of the Voice to adjust it to your voice and to the music.


Here we show you how to sing with a voice at the background. Imagine that we don't really know well a song or that we just want to sing a song together with a friend. We ask him to send us the file (MP3) recorded with KaraokeKanta ONLY of his voice. We add the voice to the song and we sing together with his voice.

File ElPadrino.mid - Theme of the film"El Padrino"

Download this file and install it in KaraokeKanta
To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."

File ElPadrino_voice_Vicente.mp3

File MP3 includes only the Voice of the song recorded with KaraokeKanta

Download this file.
To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."

This voice belongs to our friend named Vicente, a "Valenciano of 71 years old, He likes to colaborate being our beta-tester and contributes with his voice to this new project.

Select the song El Padrino in KaraokeKanta, then push the button ADD VOICE from the voice section.

A dialogue appears in which you should search and select the file: ElPadrino_voz_Vicente.mp3 which you have downloaded previously.

Once selected, click on button <Open> and in the next dialogue that appears you must write the name of the Interpreter: (in this case Vicente)

We recommend to put the name of the person who has sent you the song, not the name of the originel singer. to make it clearer we also recommend to add if the song is only the Voice or voice and music.

Now the Voice section will be as follows:

Push Play and you will hear the song and the Voice at the same time. Now you can modify the volume of the Voice to adjust it to the music or to your own volume of your voice.

Now you can sing together with Vicente, or put the volume lower to learn the song, if you activate RECORD the result of both voices will be recorded.

You will have a new .WAV from you and Vicente, saving always the originel MP3 of Vicente's Voice.



The next song is sung with two voices (duet). Read carefully how it is done.


To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."

Insert song Dust In The Wind in KaraokeKanta 4


To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."

File MP3 includes two voices male/female recorded with music.

How is it done:

  1. First the voice of the man was recorded with Karaokekanta, recording ONLY the output of the Microphone.
  2. Then the file .WAV has been converted into MP3 prepared to be send away by e-mail. (More info)
  3. The MP3 file once arrived to the woman, she sang with the received MP-file.
  4. She inserted the file of the MP3 Voice to KaraokeKanta 4 PRESELECTING first the song Dust In The Wind.kar file and pushing the button insert voice..
  5. She sang together with the Voice of the man and music and the result of it has been recorded with KaraokeKanta, so, that what has been recorded was: Music Kar + Voice man MP3 + Voice woman Microphone

Try to do this:

Select the song Dust In The Wind in KaraokeKanta 4 and add this MP3 file as a Voice, push Play, and you'll see that your hear the song with the 2 voices and the music and of course you will see the lyric at the same time.

Don't duplicate the music when you push Play-- Silence all the Channels with the option Silence All. On the contrary you will hear the recorded MP3 music + the music from the selected lar.file.


This example shows the result of a recorded song with a second voice to make the chorus. Record the song, save it in .WAV--but in the folder Voices--, then select the same song in Karaokekanta and add the already recorded song as a Voice, start singing and recording again, an the result is a new song (added the chorus) in .wav. Ready to be converted in MP3.


To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."


This file contains two voices male/female recorded without music. Insert this file as a Voice and you can sing the 3th Voice. That way you can form a virtual music group, as you can send it two more friends who also can participate singins the same song. The last one can add his voice and the music to complete it.


To download: Right-click here and select "Save Target As..."

Try to insert this file as a Voice and sing yourself the Third Voice, first without music, and later to complete with the music included.

ATTENTION: Prohibited the total or partial reproduction without previous consent.
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